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Krysti is a 31-year-old wife and mother who also happens to suffer from anxiety and chronic migraines, as well as a meningioma that will be evicted in August 2017.

She writes for both the anxiety, migraine and a variety of other pages for NewLifeOutlook, as her ten years of nursing experience has enabled her to help many people with a variety of chronic conditions in her career.

In addition to her freelance writing and nursing career, she enjoys writing for pleasure. Her son has food allergies, and she enjoys blogging about her family's journey at Visit Krystina's Website

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Kidney Cancer Causes

Kidney Cancer Causes You Should Know About

There’s a lot to learn about cancer, but experts know it begins with a gene mutation. Learn more about kidney cancer causes and what to do about them.
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Kidney Cancer Prognosis

A Guide to Kidney Cancer: Everything You Need to Know from Prognosis to Life Expectancy

The stages of kidney cancer have the most influence on your prognosis and survival. Learn more about kidney cancer prognosis and survival rate here.
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Kidney Cancer Diet and Nutrition Tips

The Role of Diet in Treatment of Kidney Cancer 

If you have kidney cancer, you are probably wondering what things you can do to help treat it. These kidney cancer diet tips can help you though treatment.
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Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Catch Kidney Cancer Early By Understanding the Symptoms

Symptoms of kidney cancer typically don't manifest right away. However, it's a good idea to learn the symptoms so you can recognize them if the need arises.
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Kidney Cancer Hair Loss

Hair Loss, Self Esteem, and You: Coping With Losing Your Hair

Kidney cancer hair loss is typically not a side effect of the cancer itself, but the treatments selected to battle the cancer.
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Herbs for Kidney Cancer

Using Herbs for Kidney Cancer Treatment

If you are undergoing chemo, there are a few herbs for kidney cancer that may be added to your medication regimen (with your doctor's permission).
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