Benefits of Cabbage for Cancer Patients

Benefits of Cabbage for Cancer Patients

Start Growing Cabbage in Your Garden If You Have Kidney Cancer

Different foods have different properties due to the medicinal constituents that the food contains. For example, many citrus fruits contain antioxidants that scavenge free radicals. When the free radicals are scavenged, they can’t cause cancer.

There are many benefits of cabbage. Cabbage is known for its anticancer properties, and if you include it in your diet, you could start to see some positive changes in your health. Why not try to eat more?

The key to eating cabbage is to eat diverse types of cabbage, not just one food thinking there is going to be a ‘cure’ from green cabbage or red cabbage. Here are some cabbage varieties to include in your garden this next planting season below, ones that are heirloom crops that are available for purchase at

Naone Gialle Cabbage Turnip

Can you imagine a cabbage turnip bigger than the size of your head? Wow, that’s a paradigm shift! But now add another – a cabbage that is sweet! That’s what you get when you eat the Naone Gialle Cabbage Turnip, an ancient cabbage that comes from Italy. It looks like a turnip, white on the bottom and purplish red on the top. You eat it raw. It grows anywhere that cabbage and kale grows.

Glory of Enkhuizen Cabbage

This one was found in Holland back in 1899, and the seeds mature in only about 90 days. You’ll get a medium-large head on it that stores well.


Nero Di Toscana Cabbage

This cabbage doesn’t form heads but is loose-leafed. The up to 24-inch leaves are deep black-green leaves and quite beautiful, almost looking like little trees. Use it in soups and stews. It only takes 60 days to grow in your garden.

Vysoke Purple Pointed Head Cabbage

Eastern Europe brought this cabbage to the world. It grows like other cabbages. This cabbage is purple and if you add it to the other types of cabbages mentioned in a stir fry, you’ll get a rainbow of colors of white, green, dark green, and purple in the dish.

Start incorporating cabbage into your diet. You can do it a little bit at a time, starting with only ¼ cup cabbage, then ½ cup daily. For example, you can make corned beef and cabbage as a main entrée. You can make your own coleslaw. If you are adventurous, you might try to make your own sauerkraut. Cabbage can be added to any salad. Some people love cabbage soup. You might even add cabbage leaves to sandwiches or use the leaves as if they were a taco shell. Cabbage apple juice has been thought to be a therapeutic drink for ulcers; and you could be like the old pioneers and simply juice the cabbage by itself. There are so many benefits of cabbage. Look for improvements in your health when you start to incorporate more cabbage in your diet!

Donna SchwontkowskiDonna Schwontkowski

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski is a retired chiropractor with two degrees in nutrition and a Master's in herbology. She is convinced that every illness can be improved significantly through diet and nutritional protocols.

Oct 14, 2014
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