Using the Spoon Theory to Explain Kidney Cancer


Understanding the Spoon Theory

For those living with chronic illness, just having the energy to get through the day can seem next to impossible. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that, and leave chronic illness sufferers responsible for explaining their condition to them.

When you live with kidney cancer, daily duties require a lot of effort. This is the case with many, if not most, of other chronic illnesses as well.

This is where the spoon theory comes into play. A lupus sufferer created it to explain just how much energy and effort it takes to get through the day, and outlines how chronic illness sufferers must look at their days.

Read on to learn more about the spoon theory and how to join in on the conversation yourself!

Kidney Cancer and Spoon Theory Infographic

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NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Mar 7, 2016
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