Kidney Cancer and Edema
Patricia Bratianu
Patricia Bratianu
March 7, 2018
If you have kidney cancer, you may experience swollen tissues from an accumulation of fluid in your body. This condition is called edema.

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Kidney Cancer Diet and Nutrition Tips

The Role of Diet in Treatment of Kidney Cancer 

If you have kidney cancer, you are probably wondering what things you can do to help treat it. These kidney cancer diet tips can help you though treatment.
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Living With One Kidney After Cancer

Life With One Kidney

Living with one kidney after cancer won't necessarily unroot your life. You should expect to have a healthy life with one kidney!
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Kidney Cancer and Exercise

The 7 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients

If you have kidney cancer, you may feel better if you exercise. Exercise may boost your mood and improve energy levels.
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Healthy Soup

Healthy Soup

Eating healthy soup that is homemade will increase your body's vitamin and mineral levels, antioxidants, polyphenols, and medicinal constituents.
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Benefits of Cabbage

Benefits of Cabbage for Cancer Patients

There are many benefits of cabbage - known for its anticancer properties, if you include it in your diet, you could see some changes in your health!
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Natural Healing

Healthy Salad Recipes for Kidney Cancer Patients

In natural healing, there’s a principle about detoxification that must be followed if the cancer patient wants to get better. Learn about it here!
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Supplements for Cancer

Supplements for Cancer

Adding additional nutritional supplements to smoothies could further accelerate a patient’s recovery and cause remaining symptoms to dwindle.
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Food for Kidney Cancer

Food for Kidney Cancer

Why not learn the basics of nutrition today and fill your cart with the right food for kidney cancer? Go for foods high in protein, vegetables, and fruit.
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